Boarding At The Cottage

My Cat Boarding Room and Office

UPDATE: Please call to check availability I have been recovering from an inflamatory issue and have only been doing cat sitting for the past few months. I do plan on starting  the boarding up again soon. Im just taking time to fully heal. 


We now offer bed & breakfast accommodations for cats in Kingston, MA. We specialize in healthy, senior and special needs care. “Guests stay right in my home, so If they need special care or extra attention, I am able to check on them at all hours of the day and night.” We will  administer medications or provide home care and  veterinary instructions as needed.

We have four Cat Bed & Breakfast suites located on first floor of our home, with two windows overlooking the bird feeders and trees in the yard. We have a window hammock for lounging and our condos are 4′ wide and 2 + 1/2 ‘ deep with a shelf for sleeping. We offer kitty quilts and pillows for the comfort of our guests.


Kitty Cottages

We have four kitty cottages.  They’re Spacious with Luxurious quilts & pillows for sleeping on a top shelf. One cottage can easily accommodate one or two cats from same family. Each has a space for a large litter box, and on the other side is a the food and water bowls. Cottages can hold a small cat bed, scratch pad and other personal belongings during their stay.


Kitty Cottage #1 The Bird Watcher

This cottage is located with a purr-fect view of the bird and squirrel feeders and the side yard. Its on the top of the condo so kitty needs to be able to jump in and out with no medical issues or arthritis. This cottage is located at the far end of the office and is nice and quiet for kittys.


Kitty Cottage #2  The Butterfly Gallery

This cottage is also located on the top of the condo, and has window views of the side yard and soon to be designed butterfly garden and bird bath. This is a great spot for a talkative or lonely cat, as it also is right behind my desk. When I work in my office during the day kitty can see everything I’m doing and I have a mirror on my desk so I can see them all day too.


Kitty Cottage #3 Quilters Nook

This cottage is on the bottom of the condo at the far end of the office. Its ideal for senior kitty’s that can’t jump as well anymore, like more quiet time, but it’s sunny from the sky. The condo theme is quilted blankets and pillows purrfect for cats that love to be snuggled on a comfy quilt.


Kitty Cottage #4 Rise & Shine

This cottage is also at the bottom of the condo, right behind my desk. It has a great view of the sunshine in the afternoon, and gets a good breeze in the spring and summer months. It’s ideal for cats that can’t jump anymore, want to come and go during their exercise and playtime and love having attention all day.



Kitty will enjoy:


  • Kitty’s have Spacious Cottages with Luxurious kitty comforters & Pillows for sleeping.
  • Offering Organic Cuisine, Fresh Filtered Water, and Home Cooked Meals.
  • Treats, if diet allows.
  • Private, daily exercise for sleeping on our couch, bird and squirrel watching, and one-on-one snuggle time.
  • Freshen the suite daily or more often if pet requests extra care.
  • Relaxing music for stress reduction & TV and Videos For Entertainment!
  • Massage Therapy & Aromatherapy Offered.


Did you know that more pet owners are feeding home-made, organic and raw food diet, combinations? Let us know your pets specific diet!

We offer that extra attention to make sure your pet receives their meals just like your prepare them at home. Whether it’s a blend of wet and canned or a blend of raw and dry or raw and home-cooked to some degree. Just let our chef know when you check in, and we will tailor each meal time to your pets needs.

(We serve a variety of dry and wet cat foods. If your kitty has a special diet, please bring it with you and we will be happy to prepare it for your cats for no extra charge)

Cooked Shrimp anyone? Home-made natural treats? That’s right, our pet chef will cook a special meal or natural treats for your pet when requested.

For You: 

You’ll have peace of mind when you go on vacation or a business trip, and your cat will experience a relaxing vacation too! We offer boarding in kitty condos that look like an amoire and cats stay in our living room. You kitty can snuggle on the couch with me while I watch TV, look out the window and watch the birds and enjoy the peace and quiet of a homey environment, all the while experiencing more interaction and attention that if they were at home alone.

We Offer Specialized Care For Your Kitty in the Comfort of “Our Home”

Discover the sophisticated elegance of our kitty accommodations and excellent customer service. Every aspect of your stay will be thoughtfully planned for your cats stay with us.

Kitty can enjoy extra indulgences while your away with our spa services, daily activities, and more.

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