This past week it’s been all about the “Back Up”. Last night my friend posted she watched The “Back Up” Plan. Yes 🙂  the movie with Alex O’Loughlin, one of the most handsome men I could dream up. Then last weekend I accidentally deleted my entire active website database. Yes, the one that holds all of my content, pages and posts etc. Luckily, I had a “Back Up” saved on my hard drive so I was able to restore the website before dawn. Yes, it only took all night to do so, but still I was happy that I had previously “Backed Up”.

Tashe cat fights battles it out for my computer chairLast night, Tashe arrived for boarding. Since he’s stayed with me many times before he felt comfortable to walk right out of his cat carrier, instead of having me dump him out ever so gently of course, into his condo. “Well,” his parents said out loud, ” He’s very comfortable.” and it was true, just the way he walked around the room and settled down on the rug in confidence, I knew he was fine. Later that night I found him sitting in my computer chair. I thought, “Awe, that’s so cute. He was able to jump up there on his own.” I left him there while I watched TV and he eventually went into his condo on his own before bed.

There are varying stages of comfort I see in my guests when they board.

  • Usually, when they first arrive, they don’t know where they are or how nice it will be to visit. They’re scared, tense, and need to be in their condo for a day or so, in order to feel  cozy and safe.
  • Then, after a few days, they begin to ease up enough to venture out of their condo and explore the room. Immediately they are engaged in opportunities to distract them from their anxiety.
  1. First stop is usually the window hammock or the back of the couch. There they can take in the sunshine, watch the birds and squirrels, and in the summer, get some fresh air.Meow Kitty relaxes on the couch
  2. Second, they usually find cat toys or the scratch pad to play with, in addition to the treats they receive. Also, if I ignore them a little, they will feel safe enough to come up on the couch and visit with me for a snuggle-here’s where they learn, this is not so bad.

Tashe has learned all that. This morning, after he had breakfast,  and right before I was about to sit down at the computer and eat mine, I found him in the chair. Since we both can’t sit in the same spot, and I don’t have a “back up” chair,  I prepared another location, with his own blanket, and began to move him out of my chair. He knew exactly what I was doing and just as soon as I began, he growled, and tried to nibble on my arm. Just a warning.

He was determined to stay put. I told him he had to get off. But he stayed. So I gently dumped the chair to the floor and he jumped off. No sooner though, did I right the chair, did he jump back on the chair! “Wow!” I thought “What a very comfortable and determined little kitty this time around.”

I started plan B.  I went and got a counter stool, with his blanket, and placed it right near me and the computer chair. Then I gently dumped the chair over and he finally jumped off. Once he was on  the floor I was able to pick him up correctly and place him on his new location, and just as quickly I sat down. I’ve been sitting here ever since. I’m afraid if I get up and get some coffee, I will loose my spot.

It makes me  happy when a cat that boards with me, begins to have the comfort level of exploration, and rest on the couch, window hammock, or my lap. But when they take my computer chair!!!! Then I know they are totally adjusted!