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 We’re Enthusiastically Knowledgeable About Cats! 

Purr View  is a show about cat care and the feline lifestyle with Host Feline Aficionada Tonia Evans.

It All Started
“In December 2011, I went to take a tour of PACTV in Plymouth Massachusets, and I signed up for a lot of classes to learn how to go about creating something for TV. It was so much fun. I learned how to operate a camera, handle audio, set up good three point lighting for interviews, learned tips to work with outdoor and indoor situations, began edited in premiere- and it has just kept going from there”. Tonia  The first episode was aired on November 2012, it was on Diabetic cat care.

Purr View tries to entertain, educate  and inspire cat lovers -with a humorous twist!

  1. Entertain: It’s my hope to make a positive difference for cats by taking a more cherished look at the cats in our lives and their stories!
  2. Educate: By interviewing veterinarians and animal care providers and caregivers, it’s our hope that cat owners will feel more confident about embracing new medical care and home care skills to provide more comfort and care to cats. Sometimes just seeing a story about a home care skill in action, will make it seem much less overwhelming.
  3. Inspire: I hope to change the perception of cats in our society, and inspire more people have cats, and elevate their level of care and concern that people have for them.

Our show is set up in three segments- Cat Care, The Feline Lifetsyle and Welfare topics. That’s how we list them on our website and that’s how we also go about gathering stories for each show. We try and provide a mix of those three kinds of topics in our stories.

   Cat Care topics include: Feline wellness, Special Needs Care, Behavior, Grooming, Health, Nutrition (Kitty Cucina), Cat Sitting and Boarding, Play Time, Pet Loss, etc.

   Feline Lifestyle topics include: Arts and Entertainment, Books and Writing (Book Shelf), Cat Collectibles, Cat Culture, Cat Shows, Home And Garden, Humor, Pet Events, Product Reviews.

   Welfare Topics Include:Cat Rescue and Shelter info (To The Rescue!), Feral Cat Resources, Cat Adoption, Spay/Neuter, and Pet laws and Ethics.

We shoot field segments, report on cat topics, and share stories about cats, the people who care for them, the industry that works with them and we try and do it with a humorous twist.

The main format we’re going forward with is creating  3-5 minute segments about a a topic, either in reporting or interview style and piece them together in a half hour episode from these multiple shorter segments (like a chronicle style format).

The second is to produce an In-depth story on a larger topic – twice a year and run it as a special.

Thank You To PACTV
I’d like to thank the staff at PAC TV in Plymouth for all their help, training and friendship as I begin learning how to embark on a new episode of my own life- I’m so excited to be focusing on this because it’s been a dream for many years, and I’m very grateful for all your help.

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