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October 2006, Marshfield Mariner: Pampering Pets Through The Internet

“Pampering Pets Through The Internet” -Marshfield Mariner 10/18/2006

October, 2006 Enterprise: Spa Owner Pampers Cats and Dogs

“Spa Owner Pampers Cats and Dogs” -Enterprise 10/23/2006

October, 2006 Patriot Ledger: Pet Sitter That Pampers

“Pet Sitter That Pampers” -Patriot Ledger 10/23/06October

August , 2008 The Patriot Ledger: Kennels and Pet-Sitters Each Have Advantages

August 23, 2008 The Patriot Ledger By A.J. Bauer Checkout Lane: Kennels and pet-sitters each have advantages

I Was Excited To Participate In the PACTV Mannequin Challenge Promotional Video

Check it out! I was honored to be included in this video as a member in the voice over booth (my fav spot) of PACTV (Plymouth Area Community Television). They’re celebrating their 20th Anniversary and they produced a #manneqinchallenge! So much fun! My husband Dustin Fleming filmed this with a co-worker Erika. What an amazing